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All loans require:
1.  Appraisal
2.  Loan Application
3.  Homeowner Insurance
4.  Real Estate Tax and Homeowners Insurance Escrows
5.  Proof of income (examples below)
        a.  2 years tax returns
        b.  2 months paystubs
        c. 2 years 1999s
        d. 2 months Bank Statements
6.  ACH monthly payments

1.  Owner Occupied Single Family purchase
    Term:30 years
    Payment:  $9.34 per $1,000.00 borrowed (Ex.- $934.00 for $100,000 loan)
2.  Fix and Flip with Rehabilitation Allowance
Term:1 Year
Payment:  $10.28 per $1,000.00 borrowed (Ex. $1,028.00 for $100,000 loan)
If you require rehab escrow disbursements, there is an additional charge of $250.00 per disbursement

*Loan is a "5/1" loan with a 30 year maturity.  Rate is fixed for 5 years.  Rate adjusts annually at 6.75% over The Prime Rate after 5 years for the remaining 25 years

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